27 Jul

This is all about our set up and how we look after and breed our seahorses.

It all starts in our three adult seahorse tanks. The adults are fed three times a day with frozen copepods and mysis.

The Midnight Black reidi tank.

The Yellow Leopard reidi tank.

The kuda tank, with immature adults which will be added to.

The adults are watched to see any breeding behaviour. Once a male is pregnant, we note the expected delivery date (roughly two weeks), and when that comes round we watch for signs of twitching which is the first stage of birthing.

When we see twitching, the male is moved up to one of our three maternity tanks.

When the male is moved up to the maternity tank, we check the live food production to make sure it is ready for feeding the hungry fry.

Once the babies are born, the male moves back to his main tank and we start feeding the babies three times a day with live rotifer and freshly hatched baby brine shrimp.

After about four weeks we start to ween the youngsters onto frozen copepods.

When they are a little bigger, they move into the Growing On tank with a few "retired" adults.

Feeding continues with more frozen copepods and mysis and less and less live food.

Once fully weaned and big enough, the young seahorses are moved to the Ready for sale tank.

One of the biggest difficulties with breeding reidi is the small size of the fry. A success rate of 5% is considered very good. This is why they have so many fry (up to about 1,000) at about 3mm in size.

It is a LOT of work, but we enjoy it!

In case of any problems, or when bringing in new stock, we have a Hospital/Quarantine tank and some general medicine prescribed by a seahorse vet and to be used under his direction.

All our tanks, except the Hospital tank, have UV filtration. The three main tanks and the Growing On tank have good external canister filtration and skimmers. The three maternity tanks have built in filtration. 

We do water top ups every week and partial water changes every two weeks.

That is our set up, hope it helps !

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