01 Jun

How to handle your Seahorses.

Seahorses have an external skeleton which is obviously bony and often quite spikey. In addition some species, like the one pictured, have tendrils which are very delicate.
Never try to catch or pick up a seahorse in a net - they are very likely to get caught up in it, get damaged and severely stressed.
The way we do it is firstly to wash hands and arms in a perfume free soap, then gently move the seahorse to a clean glass jar to lift them out of the water. Size of jar depends on size of seahorse !
If they are latched on to a seafan or gorgonian, gently unravel them from the body end not the tail.
Get them in the jar and you can safely move them.
It is worthwhile to give them a good checkover while you have the opportunity.
Note - copper will dissolve the exoskeleton of a seahorse making it die in agony, so do not wear copper anywhere near the water of your seahorse tank.

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