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"Welcome to the wonderful world of Hippocampus."


About Us.

A bit about us and our seahorses.

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About our seahorses.

A view into our seahorse world !

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Things to consider before getting Seahorses.

A look at what needs to be thought about before getting seahorses.

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Setting up your Seahorse tank.

A little advice on setting up your seahorse tank.

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Handling your Seahorses.

Care when handling seahorse.

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Feeding your Seahorses.

From birth to adulthood - a feeding guide.

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Sexing your Seahorses.

How to sex your Seahorses.

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Baby Seahorses.

Videos of our tank bred baby seahorses.

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Seahorses for sale.

We will show here which of our seahorse babies are ready to move on.

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Some of the diseases suffered by seahorses and their treatment.

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Our Pipefish.

Crocodile pipefish and Flame pipefish

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Seahorse specialist veterinary service.

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